Our Story

Grandma knows best

In a small town in Ohio, IMG-20150503-WA0000my grandma (Maxine) began teaching me how to bake at a young age. I began with decorating cookies at Christmas every year. As a teenager I watched admiring the way she kneaded and labored to make her complex  apple dumplings. Slowly but surely I was able to bake things myself, but still my grandma always examined the consistency and texture of what I was creating. She taught me all the necessary skills to bake and gathered a grand collection of recipes for me to try.

My grandma’s passion for baking rubbed off on me and as a young adult I really found my joy in creating delicious treats. After moving to the Netherlands I realized that I missed the fluffy, moist cakes and soft, gooey cookies which I am accustomed to in the States. The joy I had in baking only increased as I began baking more in more in my new home: Utrecht, the Netherlands.

As people began responding positively to my American baking I considered honoring my grandma by creating this bakery. And so Maxine’s Bakery was born, as an ode to all her joy and love placed into her baking and the time she spent giving that to me. I hope Maxine’s Bakery gives you a taste of nostalgic American treats and puts a smile on your face.

What makes Maxine’s Bakery unique?

We offer traditional American goodies in the Netherlands with the right mix of fluffiness, gooeyness and yumminess known in the American baking world. Although we love all things sweet, we also like to indulge in an entire piece of cake without our teeth melting away from the sugar. Therefore we purposely use about half of the sugar normally used in recipes so you can enjoy the whole treat.

We also love experimenting and trying out new recipes so we are always flexible to your desires! Do you like  peanut butter and chocolate? Always wanted to try a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake? Ever wondered what a cookie cake is? We can make according your wishes!